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Private Lessons

Do you prefer to learn one-on-one or are you unable to make a class series work for your schedule? Sign up for private lessons and let instructors Nathan and Amanda Hall guide you on a transformational journey into self-confidence, skill progression, and preparedness. They will provide you with the mental skills to access situational awareness and avoid conflict, as well as the physical tools necessary to defend yourself in a moment of crisis.

Book a Private Lesson

If you prefer to learn one-on-one or you're unable to make a class series work for your schedule, private lessons are a great option. 

Online Resources

For ongoing, at-home learning, instructors will provide you with additional training resources for study.

Level Up

Earn certificates of completion for each skill level as you progress into more advanced levels. 

Refresh and Relearn

Dust off the cobwebs when necessary and return to the basics of self-defense. Aimed at experienced and/or existing students. 

Skills. Confidence. Preparedness.

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