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Nathan and Amanda Hall

With a combined 30 years of teaching and coaching experience, Nathan and Amanda Hall are experts in the mind, art, practice, and instruction of self-defense.


Nathan has a Second Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo, a quick and effective street fighting style of self-defense. He also has a Third Degree Black Belt in Enshindo from Helena's Kenji Nakagawa, which is a combination of Tai Kwan Do and Judo. In addition, he holds Green belt in Judo. Nathan currently trains at Eight Limbs Muay Thai and Deliberate Jiu Jitsu. He is a first degree blue belt in Jiu Jitsu.


A special education teacher and former cheer coach, Amanda has a Green Belt in......

How it Works

How It Works

Instructors Nathan and Amanda Hall will guide you through a progression of skills that will improve your self-confidence and self-defense preparedness. During a multi-week class series, you will learn techniques to avoid conflict as well as the physical tools necessary to defend yourself. Makeup sessions and video tutorials for missed classes will be provided. 

Book a Class Series

Sign up with a friend or family member so that you have a partner to practice with between classes. 

Online Resources

For ongoing, at-home learning, instructors will provide you with additional training resources for study.

Level Up

Earn certificates of completion for each skill level as you progress into more advanced classes. 

Refresh and Relearn

Dust off the cobwebs when necessary and return to the basics of self-defense. Aimed at experienced and/or existing students. 

Student Stories

Nate and Manda are great! I’m so glad we asked them to teach our wellness group more about self-defense. It was so informative and FUN! We’ll definitely do it again. I would definitely recommend them for classes or special events.

Stephanie Knapp

Student Stories

The VSA Self-Defense class was useful and engaging. Right off the bat, we were practicing conflict resolution followed by physical counter maneuvers, if necessary. They made it a point to describe what body language precludes physical aggression and what doesn't. Both of our daughters will be taking these classes.

RJ & Heather

Skills. Confidence. Preparedness.

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